As a proprietor you cannot rely on your workers to be able to be adept at new things straight away. The sooner they get properly trained the sooner your productivity will improve. Intuitive and simple to use interfaces are the way to accomplish this when it comes to business phone systems.

How Many Lines Do You Need?

Another important and often overlooked feature of a small business phone system is the number of lines that it will have. Multiple lines are useful for medium to large sized companies where they may be several incoming phone calls simultaneously. This ensures that no important phone calls are missed and that your customers or business partners are never kept on hold or can’t get through to someone.

A lot of phones will have an interface whereby a light or indicator is assigned to each line so you can easily tell which lines are in use and which are free if you need to call out for example.

Security of the Phone Systems

Something else you may not have thought of is the security aspect of cordless systems. Most of them tend to run on a 900 MHz signal but this is easily picked up by commercial scanners and as a result your private phone calls can be compromised. Look for phone systems that run on 2.4 or 5.8 GHz frequencies as these provide the tightest security. For more facts and information regarding telecom, you can go to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rDkxsNmKDGk.

Many companies have weekly conference calls or national communication meetings where a large number of managers sit in on a call, usually on speaker phone so that other colleagues can hear it as well. If such calls are a large part of your businesses daily activities, then consider buying a phone system that is wholly dedicated to conferencing only.

Video Conference Systems Dubai for small business come with large speakers that ensure employees a fair distance from the phone itself are still able to hear the contents of the call without hassle. Obviously this solution is ideal for large companies with large conference rooms with lots of people sitting in on the call.

When reading panasonic pbx dubai system reviews, you also need to choose either half or full duplex technology. In a nutshell, half duplex functionality doesn’t allow the speaker to hear other people while they are speaking (that is, others are blocked from transmitting while one person speakers).

Full duplex allows several people to speak at once so this allows the speaker to hear input from others while they are talking.


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